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Finally finished my Catwoman outfit :)

VECTOR - Donatello by Antoine Vrablec on Behance

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…spare the child and spoil the rod,
                     I have not sold myself to god…

Get Over a Bad Day

What Is Rape Culture?


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"Rape culture” is a culture in which sexual violence is considered the norm — in which people aren’t taught not to rape, but are taught not to be raped. The term was first used by feminists in the 1970s but has become popular in recent years as more survivors share their stories.

Here, a beginner’s guide to the major elements of rape culture:

1) Anyone can be a rapist

2) The idea of “gray rape”

3) “No means yes”

4) Victim blaming

5) “Slut” shaming

6) Street harassment

7) The myth of preventing rape

8) Anti-rape wear

9) Rape jokes

10) The “friend” zone

11) Pickup artists

12) Fear of reporting

13) False rape accusations

14) The power of celebrity

15) The “promising futures” media narrative

16) Male rape

17) Lack of attention to rape in minority communities

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"As a man I’m flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed, but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting.”

Fem!Batman - Damilyn (x)
Photos by - PhotoPersuasion (x) and Cayden Vierra  (x)

*Cosplay is currently being completely remade for Dallas Comic Con in May. 

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That last one is funny because it’s true. . 

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